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Lost Souls

MOG-211      German Lager

Apparent attenuation:                            Flocculation potential: 

Alcohol tolerance:                                    Phenolic:

Diastatic status:                                         Optimal temperature:

70-76                                                         medium

 11%                                           no

 negative                                                            10-13

German Heritage Lager VI

A famous lager strain from a renown Bavarian monastery. Like, other strains from this region, it shines in producing classic German styles like helles, dunkel, and oktoberfest bier. 


It has the ability to promote mouthfeel, with a perceived light creaminess and smooth malt focus with minimal sulfur and esters. We also think this strain works well in modern hop-focused lagers. 

beer bottle 2_edited.png
 Helles, Kellerbier, Pale lager, German Pilsner, Cold IPA, Oktoberfest, dunkel.
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