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Brett. C

MOG-703      Wild Ale

Apparent attenuation:                            Flocculation potential: 

Alcohol tolerance:                                    Phenolic:

Diastatic status:                                         Optimal temperature:

85+                                                        Low

 10%                                           yes

 negative                                                            20-29

Brettanomyces claussenii

This strain is considered to offer mild or low levels of 'Brett funk' compared to other Brettanomyces species. Flavour profile can be described as soft leather and tropical fruits. However, the flavour profile of Brettanomyces is highly variable on fermentation conditions such as time, other yeasts and storage vessel.

Has the ability to form a pellicle, particularly in conditions where higher oxygen levels can be present (For example- oak barrel). 

This strain of yeast is intended to be used in conjuction with other yeast strains and performs best in secondary fermentation.

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Mixed fermentation, Wild ales
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